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17th August 2012

vickyblueeyez5:51pm: Virgo Jobs?
Happy Birthday to all the Virgos out there.

I have two questions.

1.) Are there any astrology/zodiac based social networks out there?

2.) What are some ideal jobs for Virgo? For example, I'm very analytical. My dream job would be in pathology and forensics. It lets me analyze things, deduct how and why things happened and I give the results. Same thing with psychology which I am also interested in. I'm also interested in being some kind of Health Inspector. As a virgo, I'm critical and seemingly see imperfections in everything so why not have a job that takes advantage of this? I don't know if this goes for most virgos but I like things neat and organized. I like things planned and to make plans so some kind of personal assistant job, maybe a wedding planner (tho I wouldn't want to deal with the drama of that but I love planning events) or something like that.

Thanks for reading.

10th January 2012

vickyblueeyez10:27am: virgo icons?
Anyone have any virgo icons? I wanted to update mine. Thanks

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28th December 2011

vickyblueeyez9:51am: Virgo Taurus
I'm getting a divorce from a Taurus and that makes me sad. I seemingly don't like any other sign. Taurus are great but then they get "bull headed", stubborn and mine turns into a brick wall. I will say this, being with one has proved to be my longest and most stable relationship.

Also, modeled after this comm, I started a virgo comm on dreamwidth since many are moving to that journal service due to the changes.

21st October 2011

ninepointfivemm4:48pm: Virgo-Virgo relationships?
Have any of y'all had a successful Virgo-Virgo relationship? (Long-lasting, fairly drama free?)

I've previously had dates with Virgo guys and have had long-lasting friendships with multiple Virgos (mostly females), but have been unable to forge actual relationships with Virgo males, due to similarity and no chemistry whatsoever. I find I do best with Cancer and Aquarius. At the moment, though, I'm in a relationship with a Virgo guy, and I really rather like it. Once we ploughed through his shyness, it was awesome. Same sort of macabre humor and silliness and "Oh, no, your shirt is untucked, let me fix that now!" ;)

So... anyone have success stories?

13th July 2011

cicatricex22:37pm: July predictions?

14th June 2011

gypsysashawill11:20am: Saturn in Libra

Saturn stations direct at 10°27' Libra on 6/12/11 at 11:52 PM EDT

The house that Saturn is currently transiting in one's horoscope reveals the areas of life being tested at that time, and any planets contacted by its transit represent energies and patterns that need to be examined.

While Saturn was retrograde, the Celestial Taskmaster directed us to look deeply into our lives and identify our weak spots so we could redefine and restructure them. If we resist Saturn’s directive, then we will experience delays and obstacles that will force us to do so.

Once Saturn stations direct, it will continue to move forward for the rest of the year, and fortified with the insights gained during this period, we will begin to advance as well.

On a collective level, Saturn’s retrograde transit in Libra directed all of us to examine the “we” factor in our lives.  Do we work and play well with others? Are we one of the people who need people or are we the lone wolf?  Do we even know which one we are, and if so, is it working for us? Do we know what we want in a partner, and do we know how to be one?  Most important, do we know what we need?

On a personal level, the house in our natal chart that holds transiting Saturn reveals the life area(s) demanding our attention.

If we heed Saturn’s directive and play by its rules, the Celestial Taskmaster will bestow his stamp of approval and success is destined to follow.

Below is a general house-by-house analysis that describes  Saturn’s energy – retrograde and direct - can be used according to the house it is transiting in the natal chart.

First House

Saturn retrograde in the first house indicates a need to redefine yourself in some way.  It could be physical (e.g., losing weight), emotional (what do you really desire?) or perhaps a need to establish boundaries.  Either way, it was a time to look inward, examine what was going on and discover what makes you tick. 

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to apply what you learned about yourself to your outer life.  Knowing who you are, it is time to restructure your life so that you can live it on your own terms.

Second House

Saturn retrograde in the second house indicates a need to redefine your material, emotional and moral values.  Turning inwards, you are not only forced to identify what you hold most dear, but you must establish priorities as well.  

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to pursue what is genuinely meaningful to you so that you can live an authentic life. 

Third House

Saturn retrograde in the third house indicates a need to reorganize your thought processes (day to day thinking) including how you communicate with others on a daily basis.

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to restructure your time and efforts regarding intellectual pursuits so that you can connect effectively with others and be more efficient in your daily life.

Fourth House

Saturn retrograde in the fourth house indicates a need to restructure your innermost self and redefine your domestic obligations.  Is your life out of balance?  Are you paying too much attention to your family and neglecting your own needs?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to expand your boundaries and begin pursuing outside interests that will allow you to define your own identity.

Fifth House

Saturn retrograde in the fifth house indicates a need to redefine how your ego expresses itself creatively as well as with other people (e.g., children, lovers).  Have you ignored your talents?  Have you used affection as a means for gaining attention?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to express your creative talents in a practical manner for others to enjoy and to bestow your affections on those you genuinely appreciate.

Sixth House

Saturn retrograde in the sixth house indicates a need to redefine your health, your work and your daily routine.  What habits or activities are bogging you down?  What is draining your energy?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to implement new practices that will benefit your overall health, increase your productivity, and enable you to lead a more fulfilling life.

Seventh House

Saturn retrograde in the seventh house indicates a need to redefine your significant one-to-one relationships (marriage, business, best friends).  What is the purpose of these relationships?  Are you moving together in the same direction or are you drifting apart?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to clarify your role in your closest relationships and recommit yourself to those that meet your needs and enhance your life.  

Eighth House

Saturn retrograde in the eighth house indicates a need to redefine how you handle power and pursue your desires.  Do you dominate or surrender?  Are you honest or do you "play games"?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to dedicate yourself to achieving an emotionally healthy lifestyle where you do not need to be predator or prey to feel secure in your relationships.

Ninth House

Saturn retrograde in the ninth house indicates a need to redefine your beliefs and reassess your attitude towards life.

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to embark upon our path with renewed confidence that our faith and vision will enable us to overcome any challenges we may encounter along the way.

Tenth House

Saturn retrograde in the tenth house indicates a need to redefine your professional goals and reevaluate your position in the world at large.

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to build a solid foundation in your professional life so that you can expand upon what you have already accomplished.

Eleventh House

Saturn retrograde in the eleventh house indicates a
need to redefine your personal goals.  What are your innermost wishes?  What is it that you long to do?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to eliminate the superficial and the superfluous from our lives and focus solely on what satisfies your soul.

Twelfth House

Saturn retrograde in the twelfth house indicates a need to re-evalulate and redefine your subconscious beliefs.  What psychological ghosts are haunting your psyche? What limiting beliefs are holding you back?

Now that Saturn is direct, it is time to release any undermining thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can move forward with confidence along your spiritual path.

1st June 2011

gypsysashawill9:03am: New Moon in Gemini ~ The Conversation

If you could have a conversation with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?

I was asked that question about 15 years ago and my answer is the same now as it was then. I had two people in mind. One is a historical figure and the second is my dad. We never once, in our 37 years together, had a real conversation. Ask anyone who knew him and they’ll tell you he was the quietest man they ever encountered. He just didn’t talk. To anyone. And that left a bit of a hole in me.

talkThe Gemini New Moon of June 1st a darn good time to have a missed (or an imagined) conversation.

Occurring in the 11th degree of Gemini, this New Moon is in the Libra decan of Gemini. It is also in the Libra dwad. It is prime energy for good communication. Bernice Prill Grebner* calls it the decan of the “persuasive mind” and the degree/dwad of “sociable diplomatic communication.” (Decans are 10º divisions of a sign and dwads are 2½º divisions.)

There are more celestial vibes backing it up, too.

The Sun and Moon are trine Saturn which is currently retrograde at 10°33 Libra. Retrogrades can signify an inner prompting rather than external stimuli, so really wanting that conversation is important. The easy Libra/Gemini flow between Sun, Moon, and Saturn holds the potential for breakthroughs that won’t harm as long as we keep in mind that the conversation is social, diplomatic, from an inner prompting, and that we have something to learn.

This New Moon is also a  solar eclipse. You’ll find different accounts of how long the effects of an eclipse are supposed to last. Some say six months; others say a year. Let’s agree that this could set the stage for a long conversation, the kind that might redefine your life.

Gemini is the sign of the journalist, so you might want to use the journalist’s who, what, where, when, why and how of storytelling to dig deep into that conversation.

If you had that conversation…

Who would you have it with?

What would you talk about?

Where would you have the conversation? At a cafe, in your living room or theirs, at the beach, in the bedroom?

When would you have it? What’s the year, place, and time of day? A day in your past? Sometime in the future?

Why would you want to talk with this particular person? Is there something you want to understand, something you need to know? Something you want them to know?

How would you start the conversation and how would you like for it to end?

If you’d like to embellish your conversation with a ritual, there are several tools that can be used effectively at the New Moon in Gemini. The scent of lemon, lemon grass, and lemon verbena are marvelous tools for enhanced communication and study-time. They open the heart and the mind, and are lighthearted, joyful scents ~ social and diplomatic aromas.

The color yellow represents both communication and the element of air. Light a yellow candle while you have this very special conversation.

As you set the stage for this conversation, find an object to symbolize how you would converse. If you would like to write back and forth, you could choose a pen or a telephone if that’s how you would like to talk to them. If you’d like to talk in the living room or bedroom, hold your ritual there. Placing a wine glass next to the candle if you’d like to be in a cafe or some seashells if you’d like to be at the beach, can help you feel more at ease.

For a few minutes empty your heart. Speak the words you’ve been holding on to for so long. Ask the questions that need to be asked, listen for the answers, and respond. If you need more than a few minutes, take as long as you need. And remember, this New Moon is a solar eclipse so you have a long time to pick up this conversation again. Start with small talk if you need to and let the conversation deepen as time moves on.

When you are ready, thank the person you were talking with and blow out your candle. Write down anything that stood out in this conversation and, if you decide to take up the conversation again, this could make an excellent starting point.

29th May 2011

limbsoftheking3:18pm: How Virgo Are You? Quiz

You are 73% Virgo

You are 73% Virgo

Current Mood: bored
limbsoftheking3:12pm: What Virgo celebrities do you like?

Virgo celebrities I like include:

Tim Burton (i like his movies Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks!, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.)

Dave Chappelle (i like his TV show)

Pamela des Barres (rock groupie)

B.B. King (famous jazz singer i listen to)

Ludacris (grew up listening to him)

Chad Michael Murray (i used to have a big crush on him in the fifth grade)

Adam Sandler (funny guy)

Roger Waters (Pink Floyd lyricist, bassist)

Richard Wright (Pink Floyd pianist)

So these are the Virgo celebrities i like. which ones do you like?

25th May 2011

gypsysashawill9:38am: Tuesday May 25, 2011
Tuesday, May 24
The cosmos becomes a more complicated place during the next six days. This is partly due to an increase in the total number of alignments as well as a rise in the challenging nature of those alignments. A supportive, 60-degree Moon-Jupiter link from Aquarius to Aries (12:42AM PDT) is a boon across the board and a mind-enriching aspect, but it also starts a void lunar cycle that lasts until 5:25AM PDT when the Moon enters watery Pisces. Complete odd jobs and old projects during the void lunar dispensation.

Once the Moon crosses over into Pisces, be more empathic and compassionate to the truly needy. Five resourceful and creative aspects happen within a few short hours this morning as Mercury forms an inspirational, 72-degree alliance with Neptune (6:06AM PDT), Jupiter makes a similar tie to problem-solver Pallas (6:22AM PDT), the Sun makes yet another 72-degree tie to productivity-expert Ceres (also at 6:22AM PDT), the Moon makes its monthly union with dream-weaver Neptune (7:12AM PDT), and Mercury parallels Venus for good measure (9:45AM PDT). Inspirations and good fortune coalesce during this time-period.

However, Venus in Taurus forms an off-kilter, 150-degree connection to Saturn in Libra (11:48AM PDT) while the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase (activating 4 degrees of Gemini and Pisces) occurs five minutes later at 11:53AM PDT. Be much more cautious while these two celestial events are holding sway.

Healing forces are back on the march later on when the Moon unites with Chiron (4:05PM PDT) Breakthroughs in consciousness should be anticipated when the Sun makes a constructive, 60-degree link-up with Uranus (11:48PM PDT). Keep your mind open to ingenious ideas that can assist you with high-tech ventures and multi-media activities.

23rd May 2011

gypsysashawill10:32am: Monday May 23 2011

This week starts off with a series of inconjuncts between Mercury, Venus, Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Libra, and it ends with an inconjunct between the Sun in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn. Inconjuncts are tricky to navigate because we can easily convince ourselves all is going well and then walk into an unexpected brick wall of disagreement. Saturn says attempting to evade responsibilities/duties is a very bad idea, better to slog on through one way or another.

Taurus and Libra do get along as a rule. Venus traditionally rules both signs and gives both of them a preference for peaceful coexistence. However, both can be amazingly stubborn and if compromise is the only avenue to agreement right now, it could be very hard to reach. If there is any way to postpone meetings or negotiations, then do so.

The inconjunct between the Sun in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn amplifies the profound differences between these two signs. Brilliant, quick-witted Gemini loves to jump from one topic to another while orderly Capricorn far prefers to systematically process information. Keep in mind it is almost impossible for people to come to an agreement if they can’t find some common ground . . . another reason to reschedule important meetings for business or pleasure!

Believe or not, there is a bright spot this week! On Monday Venus conjoins Mars in sensual Taurus, an excellent aspect for all things romantic or for a hot date. Don’t get your hopes up too high because Saturn steps in the next day and throws cold water on all that red hot romance.

This is an excellent time to practice kindness and forbearance

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12th May 2011


This Taurus New Moon
In Love Your Astrological Neighbor—You’re Alike, my alter ego Auntie Joyce joshes about the relationship between Taurus and the preceding sign of Aries:
Taurus – A Taurus is just an Aries who’s tired of pioneering, crusading, and getting there first who just wants a lazy, luxurious sit.
This is no joke under this New Moon. It serves us up a Sun/Moon conjunction in Taurus with a stellium in Aries right behind it. Five planets in pioneering, innovative, fiery Ram! Who wouldn’t need to sit and put their feet up—to take a little break from this convention at the Ramada Inn?
One of the biggest stumbling blocks of Cardinality and fire signs can be summed up in a well-known nursery rhyme: “Ashes, ashes—we all fall down.” If any (especially if many) of your planets interact with 02-23o Aries, you’ve probably been running around, or at least creating things, like your pants are on fire. With Saturn cruising in opposition to the mid-range of this Aries arc, you’ve likely been working your tail off. It’s time to sit it in a chair before you singe it or otherwise hurt yourself. The New Moon is perfect for taking time to collect yourself and assess what you did last month and where you’re heading into the four weeks ahead. Under Taurus Moon, you can do this in beautiful, sensuous environments and luxuriate for a day or two in first gear before returning to Aries overdrive. (I’m sure all of us are grateful to be over our most recent Mercury Retro where major parts of life were moving backwards while other aspects of our existence were doing an Aries sprint, again within the Arc of the Stellium, the Holy Grail of Lately.)
Other thoughts: Venus and Mercury are closely conjunct in this New Moon chart, as are Jupiter and Mars. Talk about the ability to communicate your heart’s desire then make it so in a big way.
This is a month of major manifestation mojo. It works in a trio formula: think, want, and then do—BIG and almost simultaneously. What you think during this lunar cycle has never been more important!
To take it a step further, I believe this configuration of four planets in Aries in a row this month, with Uranus not far off for inspiration, is a preview. It’s a preview of human evolution. One of the major shifts in consciousness going on right now is best described by Flip Wilson’s unforgettable character, Geraldine: “What you see, is what you get.” Often she would add, “Mercy.” [1]
Yes, mercy. If your thoughts and visions aren’t clear and if your heart isn’t loving, you could go out and manifest one big mess. On the other hand, if you’ve been doing your personal evolutionary homework, you will see the good ideas in your mind and the love in your heart merge to take your positive intentions to places you have never gone before. It’s a big wow, and with Saturn bringing you back to earth from its opposition point in Libra, you can put these visions into practical application.
Now for a memoir moment. This is happening to me a lot lately—and to those around me. For instance, our local NCGR chapter was reborn from the ashes of its previous incarnation after more than seven years in the past six months. Our mission is Ambassadors for astrology in times of transformation. The leadership team is a group of eight creative and on-purpose people. I’m President.
Out of the blue (there’s Uranus), Sacramento Magazine contacted us recently, wanting to include some astrology activities in its Things to Do in Summer in Sac feature. While we had our regular meetings to report, we had done nothing yet in our coming-back-to-life curve for community outreach to the general public. In a heartbeat, we put together an open house we’re calling Open to the Stars: How Astrology Can Help You in These Fast-Changing Times? It will include four mini-lectures on topics we think will fascinate those who wonder about astrology enough to attend. There will be food, mini-readings, and lots of info and opportunities to talk to real, live astrologers. We plan a follow-up mini-course a month later. Think, want, do—BIG.
Lately, there’s also plenty of visionary and creative help for anything you want to manifest with Neptune and Chiron traveling side by side in Pisces. This echoes—and defines in a larger cycle—how important vision and embracing healing are for people on this planet now. Dreamwork, art, music and creations of all kinds will be vehicles for healing and helping yourself and others.
A cycle of history is now repeating itself as Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn with Chiron in Pisces. These three planets had prominent emphasis in the 1960s. In that case, Pluto and Uranus were conjunct in Virgo—same planets, different sign and aspect. Service and issues of “what’s right” were up for reckoning, and the Viet Nam war, that to many defined the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, featured heavily the issue of involuntary service (the draft) and the refusal of some men to serve in the military when it conflicted with their personal sense of integrity. From this era, some of the greatest music and healing modalities were born, the last time Chiron was in Pisces. What will Pluto in Cap and Uranus in warrior but innovative Aries bring this time around? How will we heal through the arts and feel our oneness once more? (For more on Chiron in Pisces: Integrity and Integration, read or reread my article of the same name.)
Back to the shorter-term specifics of this month’s New Moon chart, I love that the North Node of the New Moon Moment is in Sagittarius trine Jupiter and Mars. Time for getting the cosmic support needed to go out there and share our knowledge and wisdom in order to expand others and ourselves. It’s a month of synthesizing our learning, and it takes that New Moon rest stop to channel how best to target your zest and zeal as it bursts forth in an Aries and Sag bonfire.
Think about this month’s present astrological winds and fires, as well as the larger cycle of past parallels to the ‘60s during this peaceful, loving Taurus New Moon—and, again, in two weeks when the Moon is Full. Share your insights with us in the Comments. To everything, there is a season

9th February 2011

indefinicy4:57pm: Your work and your health are likely to bring you into contact with innovative and free thinking individuals this month, dear Virgo. As Jupiter moves through Aries and your solar eighth house, and Saturn is retrograde in Libra in your 2nd house - money matters are about to reach a critical point. A settlement from a relationship or from taxes, insurance or litigation may also be featured. You may feel torn between your fiscal responsibilities to others and your desire for pleasurable and fulfilling activities for yourself. A transition associated with a love relationship may also be in the spotlight.

The Sun and Mars combine in Aquarius for the first week of February, in the area of your solar chart associated with health and work. There is some risk of inflammation or other issue associated with nerves or lower legs. The dynamic intensity provided by the New Moon when it joins the Sun and Mars on February 3, could enhance a sense of restlessness, or produce an abundance of nervous energy. Direct that to new projects and activities that will provide healthy outlets to both body and mind. Avoid bizarre or extreme kinds of physical pursuits. Mars in Aquarius trine Saturn in Libra through February 9 might also produce a new job or revenue stream that brings you into contact with new people.

Venus moves into Capricorn on February 4, signaling a period of stability on romance and committed relationships. On February 10, it will combine with Pluto and trine the Moon in Taurus. This could be a lovely moment in a special relationship. Romance may be rather practical, but validating and stable.

Surprise your Valentine with a thoughtful gift on February 14. There might also be a bonus in your paycheck, or a lucrative sale. On February 16, expansive Jupiter in Aries moves into square with Pluto in Capricorn in the romance sector of your solar chart. A relationship may get complicated over the next few weeks - or events that are outside your control could change it.

An unusual situation associated with work or health could be featured on February 17. The Full Moon in Leo on February 18 opposes the Sun, Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. Be really careful about pursuing health fads, or taking shortcuts on the job. Accidents are a risk, as is deception and the complications that derive from it. The effects of this are likely to continue to cause issues through February 24. A love relationship could be strained, as well. You may have something to apologize for.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19, while the Moon is in your solar domain. You may be torn between your practical responsibilities, and your need for connection and intimacy. Mercury enters Pisces on February 21, as the Moon combines with Saturn in Libra. A contract or agreement associated with a partnership, and the financial arrangements involved in it may be featured. When Mars also enters Pisces on February 23, be very careful now to be completely straightforward in your relationships. A discussion with your partner is featured on February 25. You may have a decision to make on February 26. Focus on practical activities at the end of the month.

13th January 2011

___sunshinegirl12:13am: ummm huh?
I wasn't paying too much attention to the news this evening (blame farmville *sigh*) but I heard the last part of a news brief. Something about the Astrological calendar is going to change, and they gave an example saying Virgo will turn into Leo soon??

anybody know what the heck this means?

1st January 2011

sodalisque4:28pm: Virgo Horoscope for 2011
Virgo Horoscope from Lucky Jupiter Astrology

Well, well, perhaps Virgo is going to finally get a break in 2011. I actually hesitate to say so because it can’t happen across the board, but at least there is hope. The first thing I see in your 2011 solar chart is Venus cozying up with your solar sun. Compared to what has been going on the last 3 to 5 years, this is a veritable coup.

Not only do you have the grace and beauty of Venus on board, but you also have Lucky Jupiter trining your solar sun…and Pluto further trining. The mantra of “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind. I would love to embellish this beyond pale, but caution still hampers my optimism because the north node is squaring Venus and the sun .

Your home and family have you anchored in a way which probably seems more confining than comforting. Unfortunately, at least for this year, you need to do what you can to continue to create a stable base for yourself. However, there is also adventure here, so do not think that this will be boring, in fact you will likely have some very life expanding times develop. For the male Virgos who are thinking of marriage, this is a very good time to do so.

Another difficulty associated with these positive energies is coming from Mercury, your ruler, at the edge of your 12th house. If this is symbolizing a person they are arrogant and probably ignorant, or at the very least misinformed. An extended family member, teacher or neighbor would be the likely culprits. Let them give you their worst though my Virgo friends, because we both know, Mercury is your ruler and therefore will not allow problems to manifest in too detrimental a form. And it is quite likely that in the end you will most certainly be able to wield power, in the form of profound, intellectual and creative power over all problems in your life.

The further good news is that there are a number of balancing energies to allow the good to shine through in this conglomeration of energies. People have a right to make their own decisions in the United States of America and any other free nation, even if they are bad decisions Virgo. Let no one steal the wind from your sails. For those who have the intellect to understand the intricacies of the world, I say, your fate is your own. Make it and live with it. Under no circumstances should you allow anyone, even family, make your decisions.

The above advice is reiterated numerous times in the theme of independence and freedom so prevalent in your chart this year. If you are a younger person stuck at home with repressive and antiquated parent (or perhaps a step-parent), then you will perhaps feel this more than any other Virgo out there. Do what you have to do to get your education, and then feel free to go your own way.

With Venus on your sun, things will be gifted to you and others may believe you should be the happiest little clam alive. No one will want to hear how you really feel. You are likely able to hold things together in stolid, pragmatic Virgo fashion when in reality, things are not so great. If your heart and your center have been jarred, perhaps beyond repair, do not fear, for retribution is yours this year as well.

Neptune is dangling outside your 7th house of intimate partners, this includes your spouse and your best friends. Chiron is already in this house. And as these two energies flow, your idealistic dreams and fantasies are going to be emphasized. Is your fairy tale a myth or is it the sublime truth? Are your friend and partners good people or superficial frauds who wouldn’t even tell you the truth of a matter if you appealed to them? Are they parasites? Liars? All of the above? You will find the answers to the questions soon, as Neptune slides into your 7th house.

To further this topic, Neptune and Chiron are in a conjunction this year. Neptune can either be a great deceiver, or a spirit guide. Chiron a wounder or a healer. So you see why this is such a dichotomous energy to define. Perhaps you will meet someone who can heal your heart now. I hope this for you. Just keep in mind that Neptune is a dissolver and a charlatan sometimes. So if you make a permanent commitment to a relationship you need to understand that Neptune will be with you for some time and issues can be dredged up which show you a pure, true love, or one that has hidden a great deal from you.

Uranus, planet of impulse, genius, surprises, astrology and rebellion entering your house of power. Oddly, because Uranus is very charismatic and the 8th house is very magnetic, this may bring you a great deal of power. They will also likely bring you some sudden encounters which completely surprise you, especially of a sexual or financial nature.

On the financial front, this will allow your partner to open some doors that neither of you ever thought would open for you. Unfortunately, the 8th house also rules death and inheritance, so I would be remiss if I did not mention that you could have a sudden death in your family. This isn’t exactly going out on a limb, since Uranus will live in this house until around 2018.

If you have ever wanted to travel abroad, now would be a very opportune time. Want to go to the best college you can imagine? Yes you can. If you want to become a person of influence, well, this also can be yours. If not you, then perhaps your child will make her mark upon the world though the halls of philosophy, academia or by virtue of knowing important people and being supported by them.

Legal issues will go your way and there will likely be some opportunity to bring powerful allies into your life via any creative endeavors you chose. If you are not so inclined to be involved in such worldly aspirations, these energies can also bring an extremely fulfilling love affair into your life, and perhaps a second marriage.

A really cool thing is that most Virgos will be looking your best as your attracting abilities are very pronounced this year If you need to sell something, especially a personal creation, just name your price and you can likely make it happen.

Friendships are one area to be careful of, and there is a likelihood you may have a bit of a falling out with some of your lesser friends. Humanitarian efforts can benefit from the energy associated with Mars being in this house, because it will give you the drive to make things happen for others.

I have to say this sounds pretty exciting to me after the roller-coaster ride that was 2010. How did everyone do last year? What are you looking forward to this year?
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12th September 2010

ballroom4:42am: happy birthday to my fellow September 12th babies! I am 23 today.

1st September 2010

indefinicy4:38pm: starting tomorrow, my birthday!
Virgo Horoscope for week of September 2, 2010

Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
"The trouble with life isn't that there is no answer; it's that there are so many answers," said folklorist Ruth Benedict. That's always true, of course, but it's especially apropos for you right now. You're teeming with viable possibilities. There are so many decent ideas eddying in your vicinity that you may be hard-pressed to pick out just a couple to give your power to. My advice: Let them all swarm and swirl for a few more days, then go with the ones that you feel will last the longest.

Factual information and reasonable thinking alone are not sufficient to guide you through life’s labyrinthine tests. You need and deserve regular deliveries of uncanny revelation. One of your inalienable rights as a human being should therefore be to receive mysteriously useful omens on a regular basis. In this spirit, I offer you the free weekly horoscopes you read here.

30th August 2010

dianagarland12:13pm: September Virgo
Hey all. Just put up fresh horoscopes for September. Videos and written. Here's Virgo:

Monthly Virgo Horoscope

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23rd August 2010

indefinicy12:56am: "You are a Virgo." (
This is the most accurate depiction of Virgo that I've ever read. How about you?


That ubiquitous newspaper portrait of the tidy Virgo soul with a perfectly balanced bank account and an immaculate bathroom no doubt sends you into fits of cynical laughter. Virgos are generally sadly misinterpreted, and understandably you can get pretty irritated about it, especially if you're the sort of Virgo who is untidy, chaotic and not in the least concerned about whether you arrive at one minute before eight or one minute after.

Discrimination is a Virgo characteristic. So is subtlety of thinking. Black and white perceptions imply a simple universe, and to you the universe is rarely simple. It's more like a huge, boundless jigsaw puzzle, and it can drive you crazy if you're missing a piece or if there isn't a picture on the top of the box showing you how the puzzle should look when it's finished.

But perfectionism - something of which you are often accused - isn't the same as discrimination. To be a perfectionist you have to be idealistic, and Virgo is probably the most realistic sign of the zodiac. You harbour no impossible vision of a perfect utopian world, or even a perfect utopian bathroom. You know your strengths and weaknesses, and you don't indulge in either arrogance or false modesty. You use what comes to hand to create order in your world, and order is at the top of your list of priorities - whether it's order in the material environment, in the realm of ideas, or in mind and body.

Virgos are the great synthesisers of the zodiac. Both your problems and your gifts spring from this deep urge to bring things together, to connect knowledge and experience to form a comprehensible whole. With Mercury, god of intelligence and communication, ruling this sign, naturally you love acquiring knowledge, especially if it's useful. And "useful", like "order", is another important word for Virgo. If something can't be used, you'll discard it with a ruthlessness that can terrify more sentimental signs. Sometimes Virgos throw out romance because it isn't useful.

You're capable of being quite cynical, and you know perfectly well that one has to be clever to survive. If you're going to do something, you'll do it well, from both pride of craftsmanship and a good marketing sense. Idealistic perfection? Hardly. Yet despite this apparent toughness, the impulse to be of service runs strong in you.

Virgos need to feel needed and useful. There's not a lot of ambition in this sign, and your tendency to look for more and more pieces to complete the great jigsaw puzzle of life takes away any propensity for the kind of obsessiveness needed to claw your way ambitiously to the top of the heap. You'd make an excellent advisor or counsellor to those silly enough to have grabbed the throne and subjected themselves to all that trouble. Your work is the thing you let people know first about you, not your secret self. With Virgos, not all the goods are visible in the shop window.

You don't like showing your hand until you know where you stand. You're a student and observer of life rather than a gambler or an entrepreneur. With all that self-containment, naturally the emotional realm can be the trickiest piece of the puzzle. Emotions aren't orderly, and they make you feel vulnerable. All those rituals you love so much are a means of keeping the "dark forces" of your own powerful feelings at bay. Deep within you there's a huge reservoir of sensitivity, romanticism and imaginative vision. Show it? Never. Your apparent coolness and insistence on privacy are a way of protecting yourself against an intolerable sensitivity. All that emphasis on practical reality helps you escape the mystic in your own soul.

You can be detached and even brusque in manner, and no one will ever catch you offering your last pennies to a drunk on the street. More likely you'll deliver a stern lecture about self-help. But this is because you're too acutely, compassionately aware of the human flotsam of life.

Planning for the future can be an obsession with you, because your realism makes it hard for you to trust in life. Yet when you feel secure, you can be the kindest, most gentle and generous of souls, giving freely of your time and skills. You're a complex creature, with many masks and disguises. You've learned your lessons early. But then, it's only realistic.

19th August 2010

indefinicy2:40am: Virgo Horoscope for week of August 19, 2010

Verticle Oracle card Virgo (August 23-September 22)
"Ever upstream from myself," wrote Belgian poet Edmond Vandercammen. "I advance, implore and pursue myself." I suggest you adopt that attitude, Virgo. Assume that your best self is sailing along at a rapid clip, somewhere in the distance ahead of you, and it's your job to catch up. Your highest form of expression is eluding you, but you're hunting it down. The most beautiful possible embodiment of all your potentials is surging toward the future, and it's your fun job to close the gap between you and unite with it.

5th August 2010

indefinicy11:31am: August Horoscope for Virgo by Moonladie
Money matters and the equitable distribution of joint resources continue to be a priority and a source of problems, dear Virgo. The entire summer seems to have been consumed with issues associated with partnership and security, and when Saturn returned to Libra last month - and combine with fractious Mars - there is not likely to be a great deal of agreement or harmony associated with your current situation. These challenges have almost become part of your routine, but luckily, the confrontational energies of planets in cardinal signs will begin to abate when the "Cardinal climax" concludes on August 5.

It may be August 7 before harmony is re-established between you and your partner - at least such as can be achieved. There is pressure to negotiate and come to an agreement, and that could bring you to some kind of closure on August 10. As well, the New Moon in Leo on August 10, could give you pause to relax and pamper yourself a little bit. Leo in the behind the scenes sector of your solar chart suggests that you don't have a lot of time to focus on yourself or, if you do, selfishness can sabotage relationships. Centering is sometimes a problem. Uranus moves back into Pisces on August 14, bringing an element of surprise to close relationships again.

Venus combines with Mars on August 15, and now that they have moved beyond the stressful aspects, they can indulge on pleasures and profit. They will travel in tandem all the way through August 28 and denote agreement and cooperation associated with property, money matters and personal security. There will be moments, of course. Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Libra will be exactly opposed on August 18. This could be some kind of legal or binding decision or agreement.

Watch out, though. Mercury turns retrograde in your solar domain on August 20. Between now and when it turns direct on September 12, if something can go awry, it probably will. Misunderstandings and confusion could be rampant - especially since the Sun in Leo will oppose Neptune in Aquarius - also on August 20, and that relates to misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations and even deception.

The Sun moves into your solar domain on August 23, and may have a steadying influence. The Full Moon occurs in Pisces on August 24, in the partnership sector of your solar chart. Since the Full Moon represents the culmination of the lunar cycle, this could represent closure in a matter associated with partnership - though with something lost.

Productive activities are favored on August 26 as the Sun in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn. This is a wonderful time for romance - on the practical side - or hobbies or dealing with children. You could experience disruptions on August 27. Avoid critical comments and behavior. Someone else's feelings could be sensitive. You may be traveling on August 30 - possibly a return to a former haunt or workplace.

16th June 2010

indefinicy10:46am: Virgo Horoscope for week of June 17, 2010

If you've been aligned with cosmic rhythms these past few weeks, Virgo, you've been rising higher and feeling bolder. You've taken a stand on issues about which you had previously been a bit weak and cowardly. You have been able to articulate elusive or difficult truths in graceful ways that haven't caused too terrible a ruckus. Your next challenge is to rally the troops. The group that means the most to you is in need of your motivational fervor. I suggest that you think deeply about how to cultivate more dynamic relationships among all the parts, thereby energizing the whole.

8th June 2010

indefinicy11:21pm: Virgo Horoscope for week of June 10, 2010

What are you waiting for, my dear Virgo? Your future power spot has been exerting a strong pull on you. It has been calling for you to come and seize the clout you deserve. But you have not yet fully taken up the offer. As your designated nag and cheerleader, it is my sacred duty to wave a red flag in front of your gorgeous face and command you to pay attention. In my opinion, you need to drop what you're doing, race over to the zone of engagement, and pounce. You're more than ready to stake a claim to the increased authority you'll have a mandate to wield in the coming months.

3rd June 2010

indefinicy1:11pm: Virgo Horoscope for week of June 3, 2010

How skilled are you at getting things done and making things happen? This is different from just being busy; it's not the same as scrambling around attending to whatever tasks are at the forefront of your attention. I'm talking about actually cranking out excellent results that manifest a comprehensive vision of your intentions. I'm talking about working hard and smart to serve the big picture, not working frenetically and mechanically to rid yourself of nervous mental energy. You're in a phase when these themes are especially important, Virgo. Be a master of the details; don't let the details master you.

27th May 2010

indefinicy1:09am: Virgo Horoscope for week of May 27, 2010

Snake charmers are still a fixture in many Indian cities. Moving rhythmically and playing a flute-like instrument, they influence erect cobras to bob and sway as if dancing. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you now have the power to do the metaphorical equivalent of that magic trick. This is one of those rare times when you possess the mojo to direct and even control strong forces that may usually be too wild to tame. You've still got to be careful, though. Just because you've got the power doesn't mean that you can scrimp on preparation and discipline.
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