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Secret Language Of Birthdays... August 24

I'll save the trouble and just post the listings, one a day, each day... Think of it as a way to extend Virgo a little longer!

Here's a question. When does Virgo actually begin? According to this book it's August 24th. I don't know how flexible it actually is, but I'll start with the 24th. If anyone is outraged, I'll toss in the 23rd as well at some point.

Here is the first Virgo entry from the book: August 24th: "The Day Of Astute Examination"

Those born on August 24 have the urge to untangle mysteries that capture their interest. All the dark, misunderstood or uncharted areas of human knowledge attract them. Not only students of the human condition, those born on this day often pursue objective knowledge for its own sake, whether philosophical, or scientific, material or theoretical. Their never-ending quest for information and details which can help them make sense of life and enrich their world takes them far and wide.

Unraveling complexity is something that comes naturally to August 24 people. Puzzles of all types, paradoxes and riddles are their forte. To say that they themselves are sometimes difficult to follow is an understatement. They can practically disappear in a labyrinth of thoughts, a maze of intricate ideas. But though those born on this day may be difficult to pin down or understand, they themselves rarely feel lost.

Unfortunately, August 24 people are often unaware that they, in fact, are just as complex as the demands of their work, areas of investigation or creations; they generally see themselves as simple and direct. This can create problems for those intimately involved with them. Their family members, friends and lovers may often feel at a loss to fathom their motivations, true emotions and needs. Yet, when accused of obfuscation, complicating an issue or evading questions, August 24 people often react with bewilderment and denial.

In order to uncover the truth, it is possible that an August 24 person will not only dig into books and human character, but also literally dig into the earth, peer into the woods, search the skies and plumb the depths of the seas to explore the wonders of nature. On vacation, most August 24 people like nothing better than to explore something completely new to them. Their hobbies and perhaps their careers reflect this desire for discovery.

August 24 people can make good parents, so great is the interest they show in their children's development. They must make an effort, however, to allow for the privacy and living space that every individual needs. this means that they must curb their tendency to over analyze their children's behavior and perhaps overstructure their lives.

August 24 people would do well to simplify their own lives as much as possible, and avoid much of the endless complexity which they not only discover but so often themselves create. They must also make an effort to cause a minimum of interference in the life around them; their relationships will markedly improve if they remember to sometimes leave friends and loved ones to their own devices.

The book: "The Secret Language of Birthdays" is by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers and is published by Penguin.
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