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Susan Miller's horoscope for the upcoming month.

Ladies and gentlemen! Say Hi to December.

As a Virgo, you are an industrious soul. The trouble is that work gives you so much satisfaction that often you keep on working - and working - and you wind up putting off socializing. To you, work is fun! If there's work to be done at the office, you'll always volunteer to stay and finish it up before you think about giving yourself needed time off.

This month, however, you will find a way to get out and enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Romance will be in the air, and your very best time will come later in December.

Initially, as you begin the month, you will be completely focused on your home - dressing it, improving it, or repairing it. As you see, this month will be all about catering to your inner, private life.

Actually, there's any number of home-related projects you may decide to work on, from moving to entertaining. If your home needs updating, you may browse your favorite shops to add candles, boughs of holly, a warm fur throw, or new pillows for a cozy, inviting look.

The new moon that fell in your house of home at the end of November will still be exerting a great deal of energy during the first week of December, your best time to tackle home-oriented changes. If you aren't changing the physical look of your home, you may be hosting a dinner party or having houseguests stay over. Whatever you choose to do, your flair for any of the home arts will shine through.

The full moon this month on December 12 will be a very tough time of the month, for whatever news comes up will seem to come out of left field. Mars and Uranus will be going at one another in a forceful way. Mars - ruling aggressive behavior - and Uranus - ruling explosive events and unexpected news - will also be in hard angles to this full moon, adding a great deal of tension at work, specifically in regard to an authority figure. Pluto will oppose the moon, so you will likely feel whatever happens is unfair.

Saturn will be involved too, indicating that you will feel forced to fix whatever comes up. The measures you need to take at this time prove to be a bit painful. Certainly some sort of career situation is about to reach a fast conclusion, but not the sort of development you would have preferred or expected. Life is this way sometimes, and so under these circumstances, you will have to go with the flow. As a Virgo, you're highly resourceful, intelligent, and flexible, and if anyone can find a way to deal with all this, it's you. By December 16, you seem to have come to a conclusion and built a plan.

If you were born on or within five days of September 13, you will feel this full moon most.

The tensions of that full moon will dissolve as you pass December 16, and you'll feel better. Happily, almost immediately the Sun will move into your house of true love on December 21 and change the tone of the month completely. From that point on, you will have an abundance of dazzling invitations, each more glamorous than the next. Friends will surround you and romance will be so thrilling, you may wonder if you stepped into a dream. This holiday season should be truly outstanding.

While most of your fun will occur just after December 21, there is one day that will shine brilliantly, so let's talk about that date first - December 1.

On this day, December 1, Venus and Jupiter will embrace in your house of true love, in an exceedingly rare meeting, one not to occur again in this sign and part of your chart until February 2032. You might meet someone new if you are single, and if attached, you may decide to get engaged. If committed to one another, you may decide to have a baby or hear good news about a child you have now. It's due to be a very happy day, and one you use for fun and love - enjoy it!

If your birthday falls on September 14 plus or minus five days, this day will deserve a double gold star.

If you are attached, the day your ruling planet, Mercury, will signal Neptune, on December 6, should bring a reason to view city lights, have a candlelit dinner, and ease into the spirit of the season.

December 24 will be so magical this year it would be hard to match! Mercury will send a sparkling missive to Uranus, planet of surprise, and this time the surprises you get will be ones you'll find completely captivating.

Life is only due to get better. New moons are some of the most powerful methods the universe uses to send opportunity, and you have a tender, haunting new moon about to arrive December 27. That new moon will open two weeks of heightened emotion and opportunity to find and enjoy love. On the very same day, Mars, the energy planet, will enter this same area of your chart and bring an enormous focus to your private life. You will not have problems getting into the spirit of the season.

Were you born on August 29, plus or minus five days? This new moon will go out of its way to bring you fun and love.

This year, if anyone will have a magical and memorable New Year's Eve, it's YOU. On New Year's Eve, Mercury, the planet that protects your interests, will combine energies with Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This is extraordinary, dear Virgo! Not only that, you will have Pluto, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter helping you, along with the recent energy of the new moon.

If you were born on September 18, this year's New Year's will almost certainly be one for the record books.

As the fireworks light the midnight sky and confetti fills the air, no matter what day you happened to have been born, you'll have a night to celebrate to the fullest. The future has never looked brighter, dear Virgo. You have been through many trials over the past two years, but now you are coming into your own, and you'll know this as surely as you know your name. How wonderful!


The month starts off promising. A friendly new moon in your home and family sector will help you get organized for the holidays, and allow you to attend to any real estate or family matters that have been pending for awhile. Mars is now brashly moving through your fourth house of home, and you should be able to get family and property decisions polished off. If you have not been able to rent or sell a space, you may suddenly find yourself at the end of your patience and simply change the price and wrap things up. Your timing would be perfect. Next month, January 11-February 1, Mercury will be retrograde, so December will be far more productive than January.

As you go along in December, there is one tricky part that you need to know about. You are about to run into a wild full moon that appears to be on a collision course with a whole gang of planets based in every angle of your chart, quite literally. They include Saturn in Virgo (your state of mind) Mars in Sagittarius (things concerning your physical home and matters involving family), and Uranus (business and personal partners, including your spouse if you have one). The full moon in Gemini will appear in your career sector at the very top of your chart, and that is where most of your attention will be centered - the other planets will receive the general whipped-up energy as fallout.

Whatever is about to reach critical mass in your career is likely to bring you stress due to an unexpected game plan change. You will not see this coming, but fortunately you are a highly flexible, resourceful soul. If you seek answers, you will find them. Whenever Uranus is a major player in an aspect, as it will be this month, it means that events will be unexpected or even strange or weird.

Your home, property, or family situation seems to be part of the question, and a spouse or business partner will pull their own way, too. It may seem as though every part of your life is independent from the whole (even though this is not true) and suddenly becomes out of sync. This desperate pulling in several directions will, of course, add to the tension. Pressure will build up on all sides, so you'll need to use your time well. Have all your holiday shopping and preparations done early - you won't have time at midmonth, from December 10-16.

The fact that Mercury, your ruler, will be beautifully oriented to Uranus (December 24), Saturn (December 26), and Jupiter (December 31) is a heartwarming sign that whatever career crisis surfaces at the full moon December 12, plus or minus four days, can be solved. Let me rephrase this - you will find the wherewithal to unlock the puzzle and eventually triumph, if not immediately, then in time. Don't stress out too much. Admittedly, you will have to jump on things immediately, so an active, focused response will be necessary, but as long as you keep your cool (not easy, by the aspects) you can turn the tables on what happens.

The end of the month will be your favorite. Remarkably, as overcast as the sky may be at midmonth, it is likely to turn bright and sunny later. Beginning on December 21, a whole parade of dearly affirming, loving planets will move into your house of love, romance, children, and creativity. At that time you will have Jupiter (giver of gifts and luck), Mercury, Pluto, Mars, the Sun, and new moon of December 27.

If you hope to have a baby, this would be a perfect time to get serious about that plan. If you are involved with a major creative project, you should begin to see the pieces of your puzzle fall into place. If you work in an industry that caters to children, then you will benefit doubly as well.

The main, overriding result should be highly social! Six heavenly bodies crowded into one sector are truly extraordinary! This seems to ensure a truly fabulous end-of-the year celebration. Even if you think you have no plans for New Year's Eve, with this kind of planetary power, plans may shape up spontaneously. With Jupiter present, things may be quite luxurious and heavenly. What a night you may have in store!

Happy New Year!

Dates to watch for December:

Home-and-property changes will allow you to make exciting improvements to your lifestyle in the first week of December.

Host a small party at home for family and friends: December 17, 24, 27, or 31 (or on December 31, make reservations!)

All month, your creativity will shine, but at month's end, even you can't believe how sophisticated the quality of your work has become.

Your career is about to bring an unexpected turn of events, and not in the way you had hoped at the full moon December 12. Fortunately this full moon will occur far enough from the holidays to allow you to recover from whatever news you hear in time to enjoy festivities later.

Your most joyous days of the month come at the start and end - December 1 and 31. Add December 24 when surprises should thrill you.

Most romantic days: December 1, 6, 13, 17, 21-22, 24, 27-28, and 31.

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